Each commission is unique, so the process would always start with a call or video call, where we can define and exchange ideas about which work goes best with the space.

The first thing would be to define the dimensions of the canvas and for this I usually make scale elevations with different dimensions proposals. For this I would need photographs and dimensions of the space to be as precise as possible in my proposals.

Once the size of the work has been chosen, we would define the style, the technique and the color palette based on your tastes, the space and above all the intentionality of the work. After defining dimensions and tones, he would begin to work on the work, making them participate in the process and progress at all times. 

In the catalog I keep a history of the works already sold, since it is possible that some of them can serve as a reference for wanting to have a similar piece.

The estimated delivery time for a commissioned work is 8 to 10 weeks from the moment the commission is formalized.