MY WORK | Artist Statement

My work constitutes a constant exploration of my vision, consciousness and life experiences through color, space and balance. My paintings are full of strength, some where the brushstrokes are full of freedom, others where my expression is more structured and contained, such as the series created through purely geometric elements.

My style is abstract and I feel more comfortable working in large formats that allow me to express and give shape to the stimuli that I give expression to through my paintings. My work is very organic or visible, the first version is usually the best, there are times when I have had to fight with my canvases trying to go back to what I had already done. I have also learned to stop and give space, and then come back and feel if the picture is complete.

The use of color as a vehicle for my emotions is one of the great characteristics of my works, which makes them something less ephemeral and more beautiful, from monochromatic series to those that are based on the contrasting explosion of color.

My work lives in a continuous change of manifestation, where I continue to discover myself and at the same time, I continue to experiment and where the search for self-knowledge and the desire to evolve are the pillars of all of this. Nature, intuition, movement are present in my work, as is what it means to me to honor the divine and my own originality.

I believe in the magic of being yourself, of taking the path to heal and thus embrace my authenticity much more, and for me art is one more way to do so.